How to book and how does it work!

How to book and how does it work!

Casas y Costa offers holiday homes from its affiliated professional partners.

On the Casas y Costa website you will find accommodations from various professional local rental companies who will act as accommodation managers.

What does that mean for you as a user of the website?

  • Casas y Costa will put you in direct contact with the accommodation manager who offers the accommodation in question.
  • When you book a holiday home on Casas y Costa, you do so directly with the accommodation manager. Questions about the accommodation will be asked directly to the accommodation manager and answered by the accommodation manager.
  • Casas y Costa does not charge you, or the accommodation manager, any extra fees, this means that as a customer you always pay the best price and get direct service from the accommodation manager.
  • On the Casas y Costa website you will find for each individual accommodation who the accommodation manager is and with whom you finally book the accommodation. After booking, you will automatically receive a booking form from the accommodation manager containing the payment options and booking conditions.
  • You will receive all the information on arrival and departure from the accommodation manager, including information on handing over the keys on the day of arrival.
  • Also during your stay, the accommodation manager will be your contact for any questions and/or additional services you may have.
  • The deposit paid by you will be returned to you after the accommodation manager has checked the accommodation in good condition.

How do you search, find and book a holiday home?

There are two ways to quickly search online for a holiday home:

With arrival and departure dates

Enter the start and end dates in the search fields on our homepage, and click on “Search”. A list of available accommodations will appear. You can refine your search results by using the filters on the left-hand sidebar.

Without arrival and departure dates

Search our web without dates (if you like you can refine your search) to find the accommodation(s) of your interest. With every accommodation you can check the availability calendar to see which periods are still free.

Availability and booking
If you have found your ideal holiday home and your desired holiday period is still available, then there are two possibilities:

  1. The calendar is open for online bookings (white boxes)
    • If you had already entered dates, you can click on the “Book now” button. If not, then go to the calendar and select your arrival and departure date. The booking page will open automatically showing the price overview to which you can add extras if you wish.
    • Click on “Continue” to enter your personal details.
    • Click on “Continue” for a summary of your booking and to indicate how you wish to pay. If you agree, you can finalize the booking.
    • After finalizing your booking, the payment page will open and you can print your booking confirmation form. This will also be send to you by mail.
  2. The availability is upon request (yellow boxes)
    • This means that availability must be checked before booking.
    • A price overview will be presented. Enter your personal details and click on “Send”.
    • As soon as it is clear whether the holiday home is available or not, the manager of the accommodation in question will contact you directly to inform you.

More information
If you have any questions or would like more information about an accommodation, please go to the individual page of the accommodation and check who the accommodation manager is. Then click on "Contact" and choose the accommodation manager you want to contact.

Hold an option for 3 days
For periods when the calendar is open for online bookings, you can choose to take an option. This means that we will block the accommodation for you free of charge, so that you have time to discuss with your family or arrange flight tickets.